1 Big Secret your SEO specialist doesn’t want you to know

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The big secret… The brutal truth is that the SEO industry is once again on the brink of a tidal shift that only the most savvy and accomplished are prepared for…

While the aspects of technical SEO, specifically site architecture, will most likely never go away, many of the tactics that used to win at search simply don’t work anymore. At the same time, previously weaker or unproven tactics like social media and content marketing continue to grow in effectiveness while influencing SEO tactics. The result is a new discipline…

Inbound marketing… It is a combination of…

SEO + Content Marketing + Social Media

One common thread amongst the three components of inbound marketing is ’content’

Content Marketing:

The pursuit of developing and distributing content that solves customer problems and generates leads. Content creation is the core of any Inbound Marketing campaign. It is the information or tool that attracts potential customers to your site or your business. Content marketing is the approach of fitting your content within a structured and measurable process to create better results in attracting leads and transforming them into customers – and increasing revenue.


The pursuit of getting your content to appear in the search results. It is the practice of building your site and inbound links to your site to maximise your ranking in search engines, where most of your customers begin their buying process.

Social Media:

The sharing culture and delivery mechanism for your content. It amplifies the impact of your content. When your content is distributed across and discussed on networks of personal relationships, it becomes more authentic and builds trust, and is much more likely to draw qualified customers to your site.

The way ahead…

In the good old days, a good ranking could be achieved with poor to mediocre web site content. However as Google algorithms have continued to get smarter, there is a much higher response rate for sites providing unique, engaging and relevant content specific to the needs of the target audience.

Today, search engines are so good at identifying and ranking web sites by the most relevant content… It means that traditional SEO tactics alone stand little or no chance of providing any sort of impact when taking the challenge alone… Any honest and self respecting SEO specialist now realises… the traditional game is up!…

Inbound Marketing for business is here to save the day…

Think of it as… 3 Marketing Super Heros working together for the greater good!!!

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