5 Tips to Grow your Business using Social Media

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So you are looking to grow your business using social media? It is simply not enough just to create your company business pages on the key social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn then expect your fans and followers to suddenly sky rocket!

You must use these social media channels regularly and with the correct etiquette to help elevate your brand and business to the next level.

Without the correct social strategy in place you’re missing out on a extremely valuable marketing opportunities.

Most customers will expect you to be active on the key social platforms. Here are some useful tips to help you fine tune your social media activity.

1. Good Morning!

Remember – It’s important to make an appearance every day of the working week to let the world know you are alive and actively contributing with your respective social communities.

It is widely understood that overwhelming your customers with an excessive number of ill-considered posts over short period of time will not increase your social popularity. On the contrary, it is quality rather than quantity that counts in the ever changing social media landscape. As a rule of thumb, make a habit of posting one or two compelling and useful posts daily…

Remember that those already in your social network and new prospects are not necessarily looking to buy or engage with your services right now.

Think before you post! Social reputation management is a fine art! For those looking to make a positive splash; make it engaging and relevant! When your prospects are ready to talk turkey they will already have formed a

2. Make it relevant!

It is likely that you have already had a stab around in the dark when it comes to social media and have noticed that some of your efforts work better than others… this will help clear things up.

Getting this formula right for your specific target audience comes down to the quality and relevance of your shared content. Put yourself in the shoes of your dream customers…

Drop the hard sell!

Instead you should focus on helping your customers and prospects solve problems that matter to them rather than force feeding them social spam in a desperate bid to drive new sales. Your customers are searching online for answers to their problems right now. Do your research and listen to the type of questions they are asking. Helping is the new selling.

When prospects are finally ready to buy… hopefully they will already have formed a positive opinion of your business and social persona. Providing valuable insight to your target audience communities will help underline your capability and will increase your chances of winning new business in your target market.

3. Be timely!

Think about the time of day you tweet or post. Post too early or too late and many people will miss what you have to say. If you’re highlighting a food item, try and tweet near the lunch or dinner hour. Any holidays coming up? Make sure you post last minute seasonal specials.

All social media are not created equal. Each social network has different kinds of users and their daily activities vary. Determining when to post on social media requires that you consider your product or service and the kinds of messages relevant to your customers. A local business, for example, may find that the ideal time to post updates is different from that of a national brand. Always keep track of analytics and try mixing up your social media schedule.

Tools like Hootsuite let you automatically schedule your updates according to your audience’s online habits. SocialBro provides daily reports on when most of the Twitter community is online, not just your followers. Similarly, Timing+ analyses your historical post data to determine what time of day your posts will have the greatest impact on Google+. Topsy lets you search, measure and analyze from conversations and trends on public social websites like Twitter and Google+

Understanding when to post on each network means considering more than research and statistics. Do not underestimate trial and error when it comes to assessing when your audience is most receptive to your messages.

4. Get to grips with useful apps!

Helpful new business oriented applications for Facebook and Twitter are on the rise. Research applications for Facebook and Twitter, read the reviews to see which ones are most advantageous for your type of business.

5. Maintain your social momentum!

Social media is time consuming (and can be addictive). As a business owner, if you don’t feel you have the time to make a good effort, delegate the tasks to someone else. The point of using social media is to make sure customers see your business as dynamic.

Remember: You should be publishing the type of content that will engage and excite your prospects and customers. Your content marketing and social sharing efforts should help those in your target market to solve genuine operational problems related to their daily roles and responsibilities.

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