Inbound Marketing

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What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing for business is the science of creating and sharing ‘relevant’ and ‘helpful’ content that your target business prospects and clients will love.

Inbound marketing positions your business to be the solution that your dream customers are looking for at every stage of the buying cycle.

Defining your strategy

We listen carefully to understand your business goals and identify the needs of those in your target market. We appraise your existing web site and create a plan of action to attract relvant traffic to support a fresh flow of business leads for your sales and marketing pipeline.

Building a firm foundation

Once we have completed your customer centric plan of action, it is time to build your framework. We integrate your website with our all in one marketing platform. We make sure your social media platforms are set up correctly so that your business message is consistent across all relevant channels.

Getting your business found

A key part of any inbound marketing strategy is to define your buyer personas. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional profile of your dream customer. We need to define who your content is being created for and what questions they have when buying your products or services. By creating specific content for these personas we attract the right kind of people to your website through conversational search. This will establish trust and build relationships with your website visitors.

Converting visitors into leads

Once visitors reach your website and have treated themselves to your fresh new blog articles, we must then identify them. We do this by creating industry relevant ‘premium content’ that is related to each blog article… perhaps a PDF ‘whitepaper’ or ‘eBook’. We create ‘landing pages’ featuring a short form so that when visitors submit their details they are shown a link to download your premium content. We are exchanging their contact information for unique ‘premium content’ and insight. Everybody wins!

Closing leads

Now that someone has downloaded your premium content they are what we call information qualified. They are not ready to buy as they haven’t shown an interest in your product yet. Email marketing is used to nurture these leads first into marketing qualified leads and then finally sales qualified. Once they reach sales qualified they are now ready to be contacted by sales. We do this by creating targeted work flows you may call this lead nurturing.

Delighting Your Customers

Inbound marketing does not end when you make a sale. No, we want your customers to be delighted and become brand advocates. By using social media and email marketing we can turn your customers into brand advocates. Even when your leads do not become customers they can still be great at getting the word out there about your great service.


Our analytics reporting for business provides you with valueable insight into the online behaviour and buying habits of your dream business prospects and clients. We monitor the success rate of your web site blogs and optimise content to support future campaigns to help improve customer engagement and conversion metrics.

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