Inbound Web Design vs. Traditional Web Design

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So you’re looking for ways to successfully drive business leads online. With so much advice around with regards to inbound web design vs traditional outbound web design practices, where are you best to invest your time and efforts?

With both practices delivering benefits; here are 6 great pointers to show you how inbound web design can truly add value to your site.

1. Content (Marketing) is King

Yes it’s true. Over and over again, we hear how important it is to have great content that will turn your leads into clients. What variety of content do you hold on your site? An inbound web designed site may feature a variety of relevant marketing collateral. Think videos, blogs, infographics, webinars. The more value that your site offers, the more likely your site will rise in Google’s rankings. Content-heavy sites mean more visitors, which will in turn mean more clients.

2. Best to Blog

Thou shalt blog. It’s the way forward. But why? Adding to the importance of sharing on social media, the more you blog, the more people are likely to share the content of your site. Composing interesting and valuable blogs will increase the popularity of your site and engage visitors and consequently potential clients. Blogging 2-3 times a week will significantly improve the success of your site. Resist at your peril and risk your visitors going to a competitor site that has constantly updated material.

3. Make Your Best Offer

Speak to any inbound marketing expert and they will tell you that your content needs to cater for all. You need to consider the variety of visitors that reach your site – both the clients of today and in the future. Therefore you need to take into account the buying process of your visitors. Whether a no risk offer for people at the top of your sales funnel, low risk for those in the middle or a direct business offer for visitors ready to purchase.

4. It’s Not Me, It’s You

One of the greatest crimes to web content is site owners that focus purely on themselves. How often do you read a site that says ‘We do this, we do that’? Does it make you want to read on? Doubtful. With mere seconds to grab attention, your potential clients and visitors to your site want to discover what they can gain from using your products and services. Give them what they want. Explain the features, but focus on the benefits. Give them the confidence to be reassured that you’ll look after their needs first.

5. You’re Welcome

One of the most invaluable ways to drive clients to your website is by making your visitors feel personally loved. When you log-in and visit websites such as Tesco, Amazon, EBay, you’ll recognise the warm welcome. They know you by name and know that you’ve been there before. They’ll give you a customer experience that’s personal – and importantly – more likely to get you buying and returning again. It’s time to get clever. Using inbound marketing tools such as HubSpot, you’ll be able to find out about your visitor and tailor their visit accordingly. It’s time to make sure that your visitors don’t feel like a number. They want to feel special. Give them what they want.

6. Is Your Web Site Getting Results?

How long has it been since you’ve revisited your web content? Two years, five years, more? Perhaps it’s time for a refresh. If you’re looking for your site to increase its rankings within search engines and gain more valued visitors, you need to make sure that you’re taking advantage of as many inbound marketing techniques as possible. A redesigned lead generation website will give you the opportunity to look at your content with fresh eyes; ensuring that you put potential clients first. Whether it’s new content, blogs or offers, these will all deliver an invaluable opportunity to improve the results of your site and improve the number of visitors and returning visitors.

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