Top Tips for Marketing Your Business on Twitter

A helping hand with your social media efforts is always welcome. With over 300 million active users, here are some Top Tips for Marketing Your Business on Twitter...

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Twitter Tips for Business

Try and be as creative in as few words as possible. The original 140-character limit has been relaxed… however, keep your Tweets short and to the point for greater punch!

Twitter have identified that tweets shorter than 100 characters get a 17% higher engagement rate…

Make your tweets as engaging as possible. Add interest by including pictures, infographics, videos and links to underline your expertise and show your personality.

Tweet frequently ensuring there is value in your communication. Aim to support the needs and challenges of your local community or target market.

Aim to become a local influencer. Small business owners should have the agility to quickly establish themselves as trusted advisors through honest and helpful community interaction. Remember it’s not all about selling!

Asking respected influencers within your target market or community for a ‘retweet’ can raise the profile of your business by association. Further increase engagement by including the word ‘retweet’ in your message!

Experiment with your tweet times! If you have a broad customer base, try posting at different times of the day and measure the response rates.

Follow other users that are similar to your business. You can learn from the way they operate their services on Twitter. Use online tools such as ‘Hootsuite’ to measure social engagement and trends.

Seek inspiration from the Twitter accounts of well-known companies, even if their business is not similar to yours. You can still gain knowledge about best practice principles and how to respond to customers in a polite and engaging manner.

Respond promptly to your Twitter messages. Engagement creates opportunities to build rapport and ultimately support interest in your products and services.

Ensure that the same people in your business are the ones running the twitter account. That way, your customers will become accustomed to a certain ‘voice’ and more confident in you.

Show personality in your tweets; be friendly and entertaining where appropriate. Adjust your tone of voice and style to reflect the persona and culture of your ideal customers.

Make sure you try and stay up to date with Twitter trends. A fantastic time to promote your business is when a lot of people are online and tweeting about something. ‘Newsjacking’ is worth exploring and a great way to inject your brand into trending news. For example, relating your tweets to popular events such as live sporting events, and TV shows may spark the interest of your followers.

Maintaining good etiquette on Twitter is vital to preserve the integrity of your business. Brand reputation management should be part of your online social strategy.

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